Sitka's Water Rights

The City and Borough of Sitka (CBS) acquired the industrial site from Alaska Pulp Corporation (APC) in April 1999. About 80 acres of uplands and 130 acres of deeded tidelands were transferred to CBS which became known as Gary Paxton Industrial Park. Included in the conveyance of the property were substantial rights to Blue Lake water allocated in the following manner. Allocations are listed in acre feet per year (AFY).

  • 19,492 AFY for industrial use
    •       NSRAA hatchery = 7,168.91 AFY
    •       Unencumbered GPIP industrial use = 12,323.09 AFY

  • 29,235 AFY for export as bulk water or bottled water. This amount of export represents only 8% of the total water allocated by the State of Alaska from Blue Lake.
    • Allocation for bulk water = 27,007 AFY.
    • Unencumbered for export in containers no larger than 20' in length or as bottled within the City and Borough of Sitka = 2,228 AFY.

  • 1,000 AFY for Hydro Power Generation
  • The City and Borough of holds water rights from the State of Alaska via Certificate of Appropriation ADL 43826 and Certificate of Appropriation LAS 19669.


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