Bulk Water Pipeline

The City and Borough of Sitka has completed the construction of a high volume, large diameter water line that is specifically designed to serve bulk water exports. The pipeline delivers untreated fresh water to the ocean shoreline at Gary Paxton Industrial Park.

The pipeline is approximately 1,580 lineal feet of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe with a wall thickness rated for 100 PSI pressure. The bulk water line starts at the outfall from the hydro-electric turbines, so filling a tanker will not compete with hydro-electric demands for the same water. The portion of the bulk water pipeline from the hydro-electric turbines to the meter vault and T that splits to serve the salmon hatchery is 1,580 linear feet with an outer diameter of 42". The remaining portion of the pipeline has an outer diameter of 36" and is 1,020 linear feet to the shoreside cap.

The pipeline has been constructed to drinking water standards, to make it available to act as an alternate water transmission main for the community of Sitka in case of failure of the Blue Lake water treatment plant. The line will also supply water to the NSRAA hatchery located within the Industrial Park.

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