Industrial Park Board of Directors

Creating the Board

To carry out the goal of developing business opportunities and providing jobs at the former mill site, Ordinance No. 2000-1568 established the Gary Paxton Industrial Park Board of Directors which consists of five members appointed by the Assembly to serve without compensation for staggered two-year terms. It encouraged the appointment of members having marine, engineering, financial, or other skills relevant to industrial matters. Each board member is required to file annually with the Municipal Clerk a written disclosure of his or her ownership of interests in lessees and lessee applicants.

The Assembly authorized the Board to "generally exercise all powers necessary and incidental to operation of all Gary Paxton Industrial Park facilities in the public interest and in a sound business manner." To learn more about the powers granted to the Board, download Ordinance No. 2000-1568.

Current Board of Directors




Scott Wagner





Charles Horan - serving out
the term for Chris Fondell



Dan Jones- Vice Chair





Hugh Bevan 7/12/16 6/14/18


Garry White Director

Ordinance No. 2000-1568 gave the Board the power to recommend to the Assembly the appointment of a site Director or alternatively elect to enter into a services contract with another entity to perform all duties and functions of the Director. To date, the Board has retained Sitka Economic Development Association (SEDA) to manage the industrial park with its Executive Director serving concurrently as SCIP Executive Director.

Click here to learn more about management of the industrial park.

Board Meetings

The Board does not have a regularly scheduled monthly meeting. They meet at least once a month or as needed at a date, time and place determined by majority of the members. They hold their meetings either in the SEDA Conference Room or in the Gary Paxton Industrial Park Conference Room. A site inspection usually follows when meetings at the industrial site are held. Click here to check the upcoming Board agenda or to check previous meeting packets.

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