Industrial Park Tenants

Silver Bay Seafoods: Major seafood processing plant that is fishermen owned. Also an on-site net repair and storage business.

NSRAA: The Northern Southeast Regional Acquaculture Association has a salmon hatchery at the Industrial Park.

Fortress of the Bear: Fortress of the Bear is dedicated to educating the public about the need to keep bears wild and to reduce human and bear conflicts. There are brown bears in an enclosed habitat for public viewing. The FoB has helped to rescue abandoned bear cubs and get them placed in appropriate locations (zoos, etc...)

Sitka Bike & Hike: Offers a variety of tours in Sitka, some of which, embark from the Industrial Par. Most tours are scheduled for cruise ship port visit days. Check their website for tour options.

City & Borough of Sitka: The City and Borough of Sitka owns the Industrial Park. However, when a City department needs to use space at the Park, there is an interdepartmental agreement and funds are normally transferred from one City Enterprise Fund (e.g. the Electric Department Fund) to the Industrial Park Enterprise Fund.

I Water, LLC: A San Diego based company has entered into a two year lease agreement with option to purchase Lots 3, 6, and 7. The Company intends to build a new water bottling plant. In order to purchase the property I Water must meet specific benchmarks set in the lease agreement.

Monarch Tannery: Locally owned fur tannery specializing in sea otter and seal pelts. (Native only harvest)

Baranof Material Test Lab: Industrial and construction materials test lab.

Audio Workshop: Recording studio for local musicians.

Blue Lake Dam Contractors: Various contractors will be on site until the Blue Lake dam expansion project is completed in 2015.

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