Lots 9A, 9B and 9C - Block 4

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Location: 4694 Sawmill Creek Road

Size: Lot 9A 151,506 SF (3.478 acres)
Lot 9B 7,583 SF (0.174 acres)
Lot 9C 34,636 SF (0.795 acres)

Status: This site, along with adjacent tidelands, is envisioned for development as a port with a multi-purpose dock and related uses. Control will be maintained by the City & Borough of Sitka to maximize marine commerce and maintain public access. Development and use arrangements are negotiable.

Lease Rate: Long-term lease (12 months or longer) rate is as follows:

  • Lot 9A = $0.72 per square foot per year.
  • Lot 9B = $0.49 per square foot per year.
  • Lot 9C = $0.47 per square foot per year.

There is a minimum monthly charge of $250.

Zoned: Industrial Park special zone that allows waterfront and industrial uses. Retail sales are limited by Ordinance.

Utilities: All utilities are adjacent.

Characteristics: The site has mostly level gravel surface with concrete slabs. This parcel does not include adjacent deep-water tidelands, but additional tideland leases can be arranged. This is a prime industrial parcel with 974 feetof shore frontage on Silver Bay and deepwater ocean access. There is a utility dock and concrete barge bulkhead on the property (not currently in useable condition). A 36-inch diameter bulk water pipeline and two storm-drain outfalls run through the property.

Road Access: Road access is through the Park from both the main and northern entrances.

Aerial view of Industrial Park with 2008 plat overlaid. Lots 9A, 9B and 9C are shown as adjusted by the 2013 replat.

2013 replat

2013 replat of Lot 9 into three smaller Lots (9A, 9B and 9C) and with the addition of a new access road between Lot 5 and Lot 12A.

NOTE: Several proposals for use of these lots are being reviewed by the GPIP Board and Municipal Assembly. In 2012 the City and Borough of Sitka secured $7.5 million from a State of Alaska general obligation bond for various transportation projects throughout Alaska. These funds are to be used for the construction of a multi-purpose dock at the Industrial Park. A project manager has been hired and PND Engineers had started preliminary design for the dock infrastructure. Dock development is on hold, pending the outcome of various proposals for property leases/sales. Updated 2/24/15

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