Lot 19, Block 4

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Location: 4640 block of Sawmill Creek Road. Size: 12,669 sq. ft. (0.29 acre)

Lease Rate: The month-to-month rent and/or drop storage rates are $0.045 per square foot per month. For a long-term lease (12 months or longer) the rate is $0.36 per square foot per year. There is a minimum charge of $250 per month. Incentives offered for job creation.

Zoned: Industrial Park special industrial zone. Retail sales limited by Ordinance.

Utilities: No utilities to Lot 19.

Foundation: Crushed concrete stockpile atop concrete slab.

Road Access: Highway frontage with access from the North Park Entrance. State may or may not allow access directly from the highway frontage due to the curve.

Lot 19 plat overlay

Aerial view of Industrial Park with 2008 Plat overlaid.

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