Lot 15, Block 4

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Location: 46XX (formal address not yet asigned) Sawmill Creek Road

Size: Parcel is 113,369 square feet (2.6 acres)

Lease Rate: For a long-term lease (12 months or longer) the rate is $0.41 per square foot per year. There is a minimum charge of $250 per month. Incentives offered for job creation.

Zoned: Industrial Park special zone that allows waterfront and industrial uses. Limitations on retail sales per Ordinance.

Utilities: All utilities extend to this property.

Characteristics: The site is mostly covered with gravel over substantial concrete slabs/structures. Some concrete features remain exposed.

Road Access: Access is through the park and runs along three sides of the property.

Potential: This parcel is suitable for industrial or commercial development, located next to deep-water ocean access and abundant, high quality fresh water from Blue Lake via a 36" raw water pipeline.

Lot 15 plat overlay

Aerial view of Lot 15 (2010) with the 2008 plat overlaid.

For current information on any parcel, please call 907-747-2660.

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