Industrial Park Strategic Plan

DOWNLOAD Revised Strategic Plan as approved on June 08, 2009

This Strategic Plan was initially formulated by the SCIP Board at a planning session held in May, 2008.  Adjustments to the plan have been made as plan priority items have been completed. 

Mission Statement

The Mission
It is the mission of the Sawmill Cove Industrial Park board and management, by direction of the Sitka Assembly, to strategically develop the park in a fiscally responsihle manner that maximizes its economic benefit to the community through creation of meaningful jobs in conformance with esfablr'shed community plans and policies.

Guiding Principles

  1. Always preserve public access and marshalling areas to the waterfront as it is the most commercially viable waterfront left in Sitka.
  2. Make lease, buy/sell or other land use decisions based on the mission of the Park � to create family wage jobs for Sitkans in a financially responsible manner.
  3. Consistent with principles 1 & 2, identify and minimize negative cash flows to the City from the operation of the Park.