Indusrial Park Management

The City and Borough of Sitka owns the Gary Paxton Industrial Park. It entered into a services contract with the Sitka Economic Development Association to perform all the duties and functions of the Director of the Gary Paxton Industrial Park who will be responsible for the overall supervision and direction of the affairs of the industrial park. The Director's duties and responsibilities are outlined in Section 2.38.12 of Ordinance No. 2000-1568.

Also reporting to the Board is the Site Manager who is a City regular employee. His/her principal duties are to act as the direct contact for all lease holders at the Gary Paxton Industrial Park and administration of facility maintenance and security for the site.

The following is the organizational chart on how the industrial park is managed:

Gary Paxton Industrial Park organizational chart

Assembly Members Indusrial Park Board Members
Matthew Hunter, Mayor
Scott Wagner, Chair
Bob Potrzuski, Deputy Mayor
Dan Jones, Vice Chair
Steven Eisenbeisz, Vice Deputy Mayor
Hugh Bevan
Aaron Swanson
Charles Horan
Tristan Guevin
Kevin Knox
Municipal Administrator, Ex-Officio
Aaron Bean
Garry White, Director
Contact the Park Director - 747-2660

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