Lease and Property Purchase Process

If you have a business idea or if you already have a business and you are scouting for a location, call us at 907-747-2660 or email for information. Discuss your options with the Executive Director and learn more about the advantages of locating your business at Gary Paxton Industrial Park.

When you decide you want to pursue your business plan at Gary Paxton Industrial Park, you will be asked to submit a business proposal outlining your plan, the lease terms and conditions, and other critical items you would want to negotiate with the City and Borough of Sitka. The Sawmill Cove Board of Directors will then schedule a meeting to consider your business proposal.

Depending on the complexity of your proposal, it will take one meeting or a series of meetings before the Board recommends to the City and Borough Assembly approval of your lease. The Executive Director and the Municipal Attorney will prepare a draft lease agreement as part of the negotiation process.

The draft lease or purchase agreement will undergo scrutiny by all parties concerned, including the Sawmill Cove Board, your legal counsel, the Executive Director, the Municipal Attorney and other interested groups.

Long-Term Leases(12 months+) and Purchase Agreements

When all negotiating points have been fleshed out and both parties are in agreement, the Board will recommend to the Assembly approval of the lease or purchase agreement between your company and the City and Borough of Sitka.

Once the lease or purchase agreement is approved by the Assembly, the Municipal Administrator's office will contact you when the final lease or purchase agreement is ready for your signature. Now you are ready to get down to business.

Short Term and Month-to-Month Leases

The Municipal Administrator, upon recommendation by the Sawmill Cove Board, is authorized to enter into short term or month-to-month lease provided that the term of the lease does not exceed 12 months. Such lease does not require Assembly approval.


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