Industrial Park Land Use Plan

2015 Gary Paxton Industrial Park Land Use Plan updated Lot 23 Lot 16A Lot 19 Lot 15 Lots 9A 9B 9C Lot4 and Lot 8 Lot 4 and Lot 8 Clarifying Tanks Lot1 Block 2 Lot 3 Block 3

yellow Light Industrial Parcels – LOT 15 (Yellow)
Best use will be dependant on or related to Blue Lake water and/or proximity to a deep-water dock. These lots are available for long-term lease or purchase. There is a potential buyer for both parcels who has made his interest known to the Indisturial Park Board.

blue Dock and Support Area – LOTS 9A, 9B, and 9C (Blue)
These lands should remain open for public use through port management and/or tariffs and owned by either the City or a port authority. The dock is currently in the engineering design phase of development. Opportunities exist to negotiate a public private partnership for port management.

purple Administration Building - LOT 23, (Purple)
This building is available for long-term lease with possible lease to purchase. The Building includes office/research/laboratory space.  Proposals are welcome. Note: Grant funds spent on building may preclude an outright sale prior to 2021.

orange Marine Services Waterfront – LOTS 4 and 8 (Orange)
Primarily, these lands should be open to the public through some type of tariff structure or short to mid-term leases that would provide public access to the waterfront.  These lots are are currently leased but may be available for development by the middle of 2015. Proposals are welcome NOW. Lot 4 includes a mostly finished 6,000 square foot building.

orange Light Industrial/Manufacturing - LOTS 3, 6 and 7 (Orange)
These lots have been leased by I Water for construction of a new water bottling plant. I Water has the option to purchase these lots after two years if certain benchmarks are met.

turquoise Undesignated Parcels – LOT 16A (Turquoise)
Lot 16 was subdivided into Lots 16A and 16B. Lot 16B was purchased by Silver Bay Seafoods. Lot 16A could be disposed of through long term lease or sale with conditions on use to encourage long term investment. LOT 16A is available.

turquoise Undesignated Parcels – LOT 19 (Turquoise)
Lot 19 is available for lease or possible purchase.

green Clarifying Tanks / CBS Utilities – (Green)
These lands need to be surveyed and subdivided. Current tenants include the Fortress of the Bear, City Utilities and Scrapyard/Recycling Center.

brown Potential Rock Source – Block 3, Lot 3 (Tan)
This site has potential for development as a rock and gravel quarry. Proposals welcome.

rose Remaining Land – Block 4, LOT 1 (Bright Pink)
This is an old landfill site. Proposals welcome.
Block 2, LOT 1 is available.

rose Remaining Land – Block 2, Lot 1 (Bright Pink)
This is a sloping hillside parcel. Proposals welcome.
Block 2, LOT 1 is available.

blackpipeline Bulk Water Pipeline - (black)
A large diameter bulk water pipeline runs from Blue Lake to the edge of Silver Bay.

The Board has reserved a corridor for a future vessel haul out, identified road and utility easements and arranged the site to minimize conflicts between different business classes.

Click here to learn more about permitted retail and business uses for the Sawmill Cove zoning district.


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